Australian Sunset

Australian Sunsets

Summer in Australia is just around the corner, but the…

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Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley, just a few hours north of Sydney,…

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Bondi. Being a tourist in my hometown.

When we think about our next holiday, we often think…

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There's always one.

There is always one.

…but in my family, there’s a few.

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Tower 13

Tower 13

Tower 13, Mission Beach. These lifeguard towers are the epitome…

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Innocence of a child


With the tumultuous state that the world is in, it’s…

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Hawaiin Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

Another amazing sunset, off the coast of the Big Island.…

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06-19 James Craig Sailing-10.0-20.0 mm-11082

Overboard on the James Craig

Sailing out of Darling Harbour, the James Craig provides passengers…

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Call it what you want – it gets me up…

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20130407_sydney_panorama_EF70-200mm f-2.8L USM +1.4x

Sydney. All 195 megapixels of it.

Taken from the Taronga Zoo. 9 image panorama.

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The Lost World

An amazing video shot with the 5D mk II ┬áin…

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02-17 Monterey Bay Aquarium--0026

Jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Founded in 1984, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is comfortably nestled…

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07-25 Bare Island-24-70mm-11436

Bare Island

South East of Sydney, on the northern side of Botany…

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04-24 Easter Sunrise-EF70-200mm f-2.8L USM-0099

Easter Sunrise

Sometimes, you can prep all you want to get the…

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05-08 Taronga Zoo-EF70-200mm f-2.8L USM-0165

Taronga Zoo

While Taronga Zoo might not have the most amazing collection…

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09-20 Biz Academy-EF70-200mm f-2.8L USM-13497

Biz Academy

Once a year, puts on a program that works…

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SK Lion

Sydney Kings.The Return of the Lion!

With the return of the Sydney Kings to the NBL…

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04-20_Willoughby Hotel-10.0-20.0 mm-9806

Willoughby Hotel

Since 1899, the Willoughby Hotel has held its place as…

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01-16_storm clouds-24.0-70.0 mm-14228


When a storm rolls in, most people run for cover.…

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03-17_Las Vegas & Hoover Dam--

Hoover Dam

25 miles south-east of Las Vegas, in the middle of…

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