Australian Thunderstorms

Australian Thunderstorms. Lightning and…baseball sized hail?

There is no denying that Australian thunderstorms are a sight to behold. Even those that have lived in Australia their whole lives will run to grab a camera to get a picture of a thunderstorm rolling in, or a massive shelf cloud on the horizon.

The view from the Taronga Zoo.

Taronga Zoo. Animals abound, but the view!

While Taronga Zoo might not have the most amazing collection of animals or the most stunning of enclosures, it has a view that is unmatched. Appropriately named, Taronga is an Aboriginal word meaning beautiful view.

Bare Island

Bare Island. Protecting Sydney’s backside.

South East of Sydney, on the northern side of Botany Bay, lies a small island named Bare Island. Sitting unassumingly as a rocky outcrop, Bare Island is modestly steeped in history.

Hawaiian Sunsets. Made with Aloha.

Over 2,000 miles from the closest land mass, Hawai’i is a destination renown around the world for sun, surf, and a relaxing lifestyle. Hawaiian culture, known for it’s Aloha spirit, is welcoming and familiar, even for first time visitors.

Disneyland Tomorrowland at Night

Disneyland. Is it really the Happiest Place on Earth?

Disneyland is synonymous with Southern California and theme park culture. Is it really the Happiest Place on Earth? With rising prices and never before seen crowd levels, why do we keep going back?

Chicago River

Chicago. A city to love despite its problems.

Cold? Yes, but oddly cosy at the same time. This great city has some many eclectic neighbourhoods in which you can find great food and interesting people to chat with. Now before you say it, yes, Chicago has its fair share of problems.

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