Onboard the James Craig. Tall ship sailing in Sydney.

Sailing out of Darling Harbour, the James Craig provides passengers with an amazing tall ship sailing experience. After a complete overhaul of the ship she once again hoisted all of her 21 sails for the first time in nearly 80 years and is now fully operational.

A sailing adventure awaits aboard the James Craig.

The James Craig is berthed at Wharf 7 in Pyrmont, and is open to the public for guided tours from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily. Weekend excursions out of the harbour are regularly scheduled, with a full list of dates on their website. An excursion can be tailored to just about everyone, provided you’ve found your sea legs. You can choose to immerse yourself in the life of a sailor, help the crew set and trim the sails, or learn to determine the speed by streaming the log. Or, for those photographers like me, you can sit back, enjoy the sunshine, and take it all in from behind your camera. There is no shortage of activity aboard the ship to either watch or take part in. Above all, the experience comes with an interactive history lesson.

What lens to use?

The last thing you want to be doing onboard a listing ship is changing lenses. You will be trying to keep your feet on the floor and ocean spray out of your camera body. There will be a lot going on in tight quarters so having a wide angle lens is beneficial. You will also want to have a bit of reach when you spot dolphins or whales off on the horizon. With this in mind, I suggest a 24-105mm lens. It’s a f/4.0, which is plenty fast given you’re likely to be in bright sunlight conditions. Don’t forget to use the sunny sixteen rule!

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