The iconic lifeguard towers of Southern California.

Tower 13, in Mission Beach, San Diego is nostalgic for me. These lifeguard towers are the epitome of Southern California. These dot the coastline, keeping a watchful eye on the beach goers that blanket the sandy swaths of land, quietly keeping the public safe.

Nostalgia reigns supreme.

When I was young, I spent much of my childhood at the beach in San Diego. There is plenty to see when visiting San Diego, but it is probably best known for its beaches. Many memories made here, growing up in the sand and water of the Southern California coast. I remember going to the beaches regularly during my summers. Each time, the first stop was the lifeguard tower to check water temps, wave heights, and for any notifications about stingrays, jellyfish or the dreaded rip current.  While many of the towers will be moved when not in use, they are often left in place – a reminder of how dangerous the ocean can be. Now, they do the same for my children and the thousands of others that frequent the long sandy beaches of Southern California.

If the sight of these towers aren’t enough to know you’re in Southern California, perhaps the taste will. There are even beers named after the 10th lifeguard tower, by the local brewery, Karl Strauss. Nothing says San Diego like a great tasting, hoppy IPA. Pair it with a Carne Asada burrito, a staple of Southern California. Extra guacamole, please.

What lens to use?

A mid range lens will do you well. Southern California beaches are crowded, so a bit of reach and creative framing will go far. Either a mid range prime (50mm) or 24-70mm is a good bet.

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