Bondi Beach. Being a tourist in my hometown.

When we think about our next holiday, we often think about those far away, tropical destinations – or those amazing landmarks and wonders of the world in remote corners of the world.

But take a minute and look at what’s closer to home. I’ve lived in Sydney for nine years now and despite this, there is a LOT that I haven’t seen around Sydney. I lived here for nine years before visiting Bondi Beach. I have a friend visiting from the US, and this gave me an excuse to visit those quintessential tourist spots in Sydney and be a tourist. These short getaways are an easy (and cheap!) way to unwind. But above all, it helps to remind you how lucky you are to live in these special places that so many people pay thousands of dollars to come visit.

Correcting my misconceptions.

For years, I thought I was above Bondi, known as the city beach and a tourist destination. Like Alcatraz was for me in San Francisco (where I lived for 8 years), Bondi seemed like a tourist trap. There are much better beaches in Sydney, but it turns out that Bondi is nothing to sneeze at.

What I discovered after spending a bit of time in Bondi was that it’s more than just the beach. It’s a lifestyle; and mindset which makes this place so unique. For many, it’s a blend of beach life that seems to co-exist with corporate responsibilities that so many residents hold. But after work, and on the weekends, the cafes and surf culture reigns supreme.

Joints like Bondi Hardware and Gertrude and Alice Bookstore exudes the culture and lifestyle of Bondi.

What lens to use?

When visiting Bondi, like many places in Australia, a wide angle lens like a 14-40mm lens is recommended, but I would suggest a 70-200 to capture the personal side of Bondi too, as long as you’re comfortable with the urban and candid side of photography. Surf, sun, and fitness is a big part of Bondi’s charm, so be sure to try and capture this in your photos.

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