Australian Sunsets. Photography down under.

Summer in Australia is just around the corner, but the sunsets are already here. And there’s a reason it’s called the sunburnt country. It’s hot – scorching at times. But after those long hot summer days, you’re inevitably treated to sunsets like this one. Australia is a vast country with wide open vistas, and the sky feels huge here.

A new view.

I was born in America and raised on the West Coast. Growing up here, I was accustomed sunsets over the ocean. Sitting on the beach, watching the sun dip below the horizon and keeping an eye out for the elusive green flash would never get old. Now in Sydney, it’s the silhouette of the towering gum trees and the sun bursts through the billowing thunderheads. that really stands out.

Australian Sunsets w/ a zoom lens.

Perhaps it’s because it’s new (10 years new) to me, but I’ve yet to get bored with photographing these sunsets. Each of them feels very different. Changing clouds, and the abundance of bird life always makes for a very dynamic scene. I’m lucky to have a view of my back deck to photograph them and see how the sunsets change from day to day.

What lens to use?

Use your best judgement and take into account your surroundings when photographing a sunset. If you want to really capture the ambience around you, a wide angle lens will be your best friend. However, to really capture the overwhelming size and radiant heat of the sun here in Australia, use a long zoom lens. It will compress the scene to enhance the size and scale of the sun against the horizon. In fact, the photo to the left was taken with a 70-200mm f/2.8 with a 1.8x extender, effectively making it a 280mm zoom lens on a full frame camera.

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